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The life science community has an increasing need for accessing bio-molecular databases, integrating data and using interoperable tools for data analysis and interpretation. ELIXIR Denmark leads the community-driven development of the ELIXIR Tools and Data Services Registry. The  Registry provides essential scientific and technical information about analytical tools and data services for bioinformatics, and via the  bio.tools   portal it is freely accessible and available for  registering resources.


ELIXIR Denmark, which is established in a partnership between Danish Universities, is a member of ELIXIR, a European intergovernmental infrastructure for life science information.

 Computerome, the Danish National Supercomputer for Life Sciences, is the official HPC of ELIXIR Denmark. Tweet:  #Computerome
 4th Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference - Aug 29-30, 2018, Odense 
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 4th Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference 2018