3rd Annual Conference

ELIXIR Denmark - Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference - Aug 24-25, 2017, Odense 

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Programme, abstracts and participants list, and oral presentations according to session:


ELIXIR Europe and Danish Bioinformatics

  • View on Danish Bioinformatics. Søren Brunak, UCPH & DTU, DK
  • View on Danish Bioinformatics. Ander Krogh, UCPH, DK

On the Genomics of Rainforests

  • Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten, DTU, DK

Non-Coding RNA Bioinformatics

CBIO vikings

  •  CBioVikings - Bringing the next generation of Bioinformaticians together!Georgi Dimitrov, CBioVikings, DK

Systems Toxicology and Adverse Drug Reactions

Data Integration

Bioinformatics in precision medicine

  • Bioinformatics for Precision Oncology. Rasmus Froberg Brøndum, AAU, DK (keynote speaker)
  • Approaches to Personalized Rheumatic Medicine using Mass Spectrometry. Michael Kruse Meyer, RN/AAU, DK
  • Identification of underdiagnosed patients in the context of time-ordered comorbidities. Isabella Friis Jørgensen, UCPH, DK
  • Conflicting associations of dietary patterns with changes of anthropometric traits in different subgroups of middle-aged women and men. Jose Alejandro Romero Herrera, UCPH, DK

Machine and deep learning, and probabilistic programming

ELIXIR Denmark

  • bio.tools update: status and plans. Jon Ison, DTU, DK

Industry session

Proteogenomics and Computational Proteomics

Population genomics and evolution




University of Southern Denmark

Campusvej 55
5230 Odense

sdu front 1 

Dinner Venue

Restaurant Nordatlanten

Nordatlantisk promenade 1
5000 Odense C



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