2nd Annual Conference

ELIXIR Denmark - Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference - Aug 25-26, 2016, Odense 

Programme, abstracts and participants list, and oral presentations according to session:


ELIXIR Europe and Danish Bioinformatics

  • View on Danish Bioinformatics. Søren Brunak, University of Copenhagen & Technical University of Denmark, DK
  • View on Danish Bioinformatics. Ander Krogh, University of Copenhagen, DK

CBIO vikings

  •  Bringing the next generation of Bioinformaticians together. Alexander Hauser, CBioVikings

Network Biology in Disease

  • The Perseus computational platform for comprehensive analysis of (prote)omics data. Jürgen Cox, MPG, DE (keynote speaker)
  • Modeling and mining networks to study diseases. Anaïs Baudot, CNRS, FR (keynote speaker)
  • Systems BioMedicine using high-throughput screening - From RNAi, miRNA and drug screens to targeting signaling pathways. Jan Baumbach, SDU, DK
  • Unsupervised learning of complex and time-series OMICS data together with biological networks. Richard Röttger, SDU, DK

Transcriptomics & Transcriptional regulation

  •  Bidirectional transcription marks accessible chromatin and is not specific to enhancers. Robert Young, UoE, UK (keynote speaker)
  • A promoter atlas of Schizosaccharomyces pombe reveals stress-induced usage of alternative promoters. Malte Thodberg, UCPH, DK
  • Characterizing age-dependent regulatory variation in the human frontal lobe region. Maria Dalby, UCPH, DK
  • Principles for RNA metabolism and alternative transcription initiation within closely spaced promoters. Yun Chen, UCPH, DK
  • The Landscape of Isoform Switching in human cancer. Kristoffer Vitting Seerup, UCPH, DK

Population Genetics & Evolution

  • Hummingbird diversification: a tale of introgression. Rute R. da Fonseca, UCPH, DK (keynote speaker)
  • Nationwide genomic study in Denmark reveals remarkable population homogeneity. Georgios Athanasiadis, AU, DK
  • Reconstructing ancient pathogens - discovery of Yersinia petses in Eurasia 5,000 years ago. Simon Rasmussen, CBS, DTU, DK 
  • Improved D-statistics for low-coverage data. Samuele Soraggi, UCPH, DK
  • Inference of distribution of fitness effects: impact of beneficial mutations. Paula Tataru, AU, DK

Non-Coding RNA Bioinformatics

  •  RNAcentral and Rfam: Tools for understanding the RNA universe. Anton Petrov, EMBL-EBI, UK (keynote speaker)
  • Large-scale prediction of RNA-RNA interactions and siRNA off-targets. Ferhat Alkan, UCPH, DK
  • Conditional Activation of RNA Nanoconstructs: Computational Design and Experiemental Verification. Bruce Shapiro, NIH/NCI, US (keynote speaker)

Machine Learning in Bioinformatics

  •  Multi-layeres latent variable models for learning genome-to-phenome maps. Luc Janss, AU, DK (keynote speaker)
  • Identification of known and novel recurrent viral sequences in data from multiple patients and multiple cancers. Jose MG Izarzugaza, DTU, DK
  • Tandem mass spectrometry peptide fragment ion prediction by Hideen Markov Models. Jan Christian Refsgaard, UCPH, DK
  • Chromosomal transcriptional initiation walks reflect three dimensional chromatin organization. Sarah Rennie, UCPH, DK
  • Cataloging the landscape of RNA bioinformatics tools. Anne Wenzel, UCPH, DK 

ELIXIR Denmark

  • bio.tools: ELIXIR Life Science Software Registry & Demo of Software. Jon Ison & Emil Rydza, DTU, DK
  • Activities at the genomedk HPC cluster. Mikkel H Schierup, AU, DK

Industrial View on Danish Bioinformatics

  • Rapid detection of drug-resistance - a successful industry-academic cooperation. Martin Simonsen, QIAGEN, DK (keynote speaker)
  • Bioinformatics in oligonucleotide drug discovery. Morten Lindow, Roche Innovation Center, Copenhagen, DK (keynote speaker)
  • Providing NGS data analysis as a service - XploreRNA. Jesper Culmsee Tholstrup, Exiqon (keynote speaker) 

Computational Proteomics

  • Teaching our proteomics tools new trick: innovative algorithms from old data. Lennart Martens, UGent, BE (keynote speaker)
  • Proteogenmoc analyses for discovery of bi-specific chimeric antigen receptor targets. Lars Rønn Olsen, CBS, DTU, DK
  • Employing complementary ions for deconvolution of mixture tandem mass spectra. Vladimir Gorshkov, SDU, DK
  • Scientific workflows for combining MS and MS/MS data and improving mass measurement accuracy in proteomics. Arzu Tugce Guler, LUMC, NL 

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